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아모레퍼시픽 / 프레시팝 샴푸

  • Amore Pacific, Fresh Pop Shampoo 
    Based on fruit and herb ingredients, Fresh Pop Shampoo mainly targets young consumers.Although the company already launched a natural ingredient shampoo, Ryeo, which is based on oriental herbs, the consumer base could not be easily expanded because of the old image of the product.
    As a result, Fresh Pop was launched as a natural shampoo brand targeting younger people. The package design is compact and modern with digital style, and the logo type was changed by Amore’s design team to Fresh Retro type.



    아모레 퍼시픽 fresh pop shampoo 

    프레시팝 샴푸는 과일, 허브를 주원료로한 네추럴샴푸로 젊은층을 타겟으로 하고 있다

    허브, 한방을 주 원료로로 한 呂() 라는 네추럴 샴푸가 있으나 올드한
    이미지 때문에 타겟 확장에 한계를 갖고 있었다. 이런 배경 속에 젊은 타겟을 위한 네추럴 샴푸가 프레쉬팝이다.

    컴팩트한 디지털 모던스타일의 디자인으로 제안하였고, 로고타입을 아모레 디자인팀에서 프레쉬 Retro 타입으로 변경하여 출시 하였다 


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