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Haru Vegetable Color Series 하루야채 칼라시리즈 l 한국야쿠르트

  • Haru (One day) Vegetable Color Series is a product containing red, yellow and violet colored vegetables which provides necessary vegetables in one day. This product is aimed at women aged 20 to 30, and it satisfies both nutrient and taste.

    Vegetable, which is the main image is naturally piled up to express the natural flavor.

  • 하루에 필요한 야채를 공급해주는 하루야채 칼라시리즈는 빨강, 노랑, 자주색의 야채로 만들어진 제품으로 20-30대 여자를 타켓으로  영양과 맛 2가지를 만족시키는 제품이다.
    메인 이미지인 야채를 자연스럽게 쌓아놓아 네츄럴한 맛을 표현하였다. 




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