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Smoked salmon slice 씨케이글로벌

  • International project CK Company (Korean company selling part of its products in Thailand). The Concept was to create a real identity packaging for CK King Brand.
    The packaging emphasizes the natuality of the product, and  creates  a real impact on the shelves. Our vision is concentrated on the salmon freshness by the duality of the dark blue color of  the salmon skin, and the window opens on the natural bright color of our project.

  •  CK글로벌(주)의 Global project로 진행했던 연어 패키지 디자인이다. 


    상품의 신선함을 강조하기 위해 연어의 스킨을 그래픽적으로 재해석하였다. 

    또한, 톤다운된 Dark blue의 컬러감은 연어의 색감을 더욱 신선하게 표현해준다.

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